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There are more VR headsets on the market than ever before. Who can keep track on this? We will help you!

top vr headsets

We have created a top list of available Smartphone VR headsets for you. This chart is created to help you make your choices easier. It is not surprising, the Elegiant 3D VR is first placed on our list. The price-performance ratio is simply unbeatable. But the Tepoinn 3D VR is just behind it, it is almost identical though. Only small details show the differences here.

Those two vr headsets are followed by the HooToo 3D VR, which has an integrated magnetic switch – actually a big advantage. But the headset lacks a few small points when it comes to the wearing feeling.

The Samsung Gear VR appears on place 5 in our list – there is nothing to complain about, but the high price is a little disadvantage.

NOTE: We excluded the Google Daydream View from our list. Reasons: It allows to use Google Daydream, the “successor” to Cardboard. Furthermore, the Daydream View can only be used with selected smartphones. The Daydream View should not be compared directly with other Smartphone VR headsets on the market.

Google Daydream View
We had to exclude the ‘Daydream View’ from this list, because it is “too good” due to its high requirements.

Elegiant Universal 3D VR - Typ 2

1. ELEGIANT Universal 3D VR

Elegiant Universal 3D VR rating

  • Very comfortable design
  • Adjustable head mount
  • Distance between eyes and lenses can be set separately for each eye
  • Great value, nice price-performance ratio for about 25$

With ELEGIANT Universal 3D VR you can not go wrong. The price is more than adequate. You may discover many beautiful and pleasant hours in your virtual reality. There is also a Bluetooth remote control which comes directly from Elegiant. Our experts have also found a suitable QR-Code: Elegiant QR-Code

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Tepoinn 3D VR headset

2. Tepoinn 3D VR

Elegiant Universal 3D VR rating

  • Adjustable head mount
  • Distance between eyes and lenses can be set separately for each eye
  • Very good value price-performance ratio for abour 20$

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HooToo 3D VR Box

3. HooToo 3D VR Box

HooToo 3D VR Box rating

  • Leight weight, thus comfortable to wear
  • Abjustable head mount
  • Integrated magnetic switch
  • Good value, nice price-performance ratio for about 25$

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Pasonomi 3D VR variation 2

4. Pasonomi 3D VR

Pasonomi 3D VR rating

  • Nice comfort
  • Integrated magnetic switch
  • Price-performance ratio is OK for about 30$

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Samsung Gear VR

5. Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR rating

  • Nice comfort
  • Integrated controls
  • Exclusive Oculus Rift apps
  • Only fits for a couple of Samsung smartphones
  • Bad price-performance ration: about 50$

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VR Shinecond 3D VR headset

6. VR Shinecon 3D

VR Shinecon 3D rating

  • Solidly built
  • Wearing comfort relatively good
  • Value for money OK: about 10$

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Tera 3D VR headset

7. Tera VR Box 2

Tera 3D VR rating

  • VR experience OK
  • Adjustable headmount
  • Value for money O.K. with about 20$

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Does your favorite have no magnetic switch? Do not worry!

Many people ask it it makes sense to buy a vr headset without a magnetic witch on it. You can choose a slightly cheaper vr headset model and order a remote control in addition. Your need to ‘click’ in some apps. There are also other solutions e.g. Bluetooth mouse, or our walkaround (add a mangetic switch to your vr headset).

But the best solution is still the good old remote control: VR headset remote control

VR-Brille Bluetooth Fernbedienung Magnetschalter