ELEGIANT Universal 3D VR QR Code

Where is the ELEGIANT Universal 3D VR QR Code for the VR Glasses?

Again, we have the problem with finding the ELEGIANT Universal 3D VR QR Code (like we already had with the Shinecon and  Pasonomi).However, there is a chance to spice up the VR experience with this VR headset aswell. Why did ELEGIANT not deliver a QR code (would be helpful on the manufactuer’s website)? We can not explain it. But here we go: there is a solution.

There is a advantage with most VR headset models – they have a similar design and can be adjusted. Thus, you can use a QR code from a similar VR headset for the ELEGIANT Universal 3D VR, because this VR headset is also adjustable. Therefore, the following QR code works very well for the ELEGIANT VR headset:



Elegiant Universal 3d vr qr code


This QR code is not exactly for the Elegiant Universal 3D VR, but it provides an appropriate VR experience. The adjusting possibility lets you vary the distance between the lenses and the display. Thus the distance can be adjusted.


What is the QR code for?

The many different VR headsets need different “Viewer profiles”, which are set with a QR code. The Google Cardboard app and other apps access this profile for displaying the content appropriately on your smartphone. If you scan this viewer profile (QR code), the app on the smartphone knows how to display the contents on the display. This means, in particular, that the content is correctly “zoomed”. If you have a wrong viewer profile, everything could be either completely unnaturally zoomed in or zoomed out. We are talking about the correct field of view.


Pasonomi QR-Code VR settingsMany VR headsets let you adust the distance between display and lenses.

Distance and focal length of the lenses

The distance from the display to the lenses and the distance between the lenses itself creates a lot of differences. If the distance to the display changes, the field of view must also be adjusted in order to display the content correctly. Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed many VR headset manufacturers using the default settings from Google’s “Viewer Profile Generator” (see http://www.google.com/get/cardboard/viewerprofilegenerator/). We assume that some manufacturers did not spend the time to create a right QR code for their VR headsets. We have tested some viewer profiles and were satisfied with the one from above.



Elegiant Universal 3D VR

Source: http://amzn.to/2mizvpk

This Impression of Elegiant symbolizes how the smartphone is placed in the VR headset.
There are many different models, so a correct QR code for the VR experience is essential.

We found the ELEGIANT Universal 3D VR QR code at http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/faq/vr-headset-qr-codes/. You can also check out some other QR codes there.

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